It is a really good practice, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, to keep track of the interests of your contacts. Are you a wine enthusiast?  Do you enjoy sampling unique cheeses?  If so, chances are you have some previous clients and others in your contact database who feel as you do.  Here is a low cost idea that leverages common interests and can generate meaningful marketing results.

Here in Santa Barbara there is a wine store called East Beach Wine Company.  It is Santa Barbara’s largest specialty wine store.  Each Friday night they have a special wine tasting often with guest vine makers to personally pour and talk about their winery.  There is a different theme each week.  It is quite educational and it is likely that you will meet some fun and interesting people at the tasting as well. Typically it costs about $10 per person and that includes some delicious cheeses that are paired with the wines.

A great way to stay in touch with your contacts is to invite them as your guests to wine tasting such as this.   Perhaps you could arrange a discount for covering the cost of a large number of guests. Even at full pop, it only would cost $500 for 50 guest and the buzz about you and how you stand out from your competition would be worth many times that amount.  Most important it gives you the ability, as a luxury real estate marketing professional to stay in touch with clients in a unique way when you are not just pitching real estate.


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