To gift or not to gift?  That is the question. Many agents who are involved in the business of luxury real estate marketing feel the need to give closing gifts to their clients. If you are going to do this, give a gift that tells a story so they remember you long after receiving the gift.  That way they will tell the story to their friends and promote you in the process.

One of the great gift giving stories took place in Russia when Tsar Alexander lll gave his wife an object d'art in the form of a bejeweled egg crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé, a goldsmith appointed as the designated jeweler to the Imperial Crown.  His wife was so delighted with the gift that it became a tradition on each anniversary of their marriage to give a "Fabergé Egg" to his wife. He gave the master craftsman free reign in the creation of the gifts, which became an ongoing commission, but with the stipulation that the egg must contain a surprise inside.

Most of the eggs were made of precious metals and decorated with combinations of enamel and gem stones. The term "Fabergé egg" has become closely associated with luxury. Many are considered to be masterpieces and have sold in auction for millions of dollars. 

Some luxury real estate marketing professionals believe that their clients should give them gifts for delivering invaluable service. Either way be sure to gift yourself when you close a transaction!


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