Part 3:  Get In Touch!

Touch screens on computers have been in development for years.  But, they did not reach a critical mass in terms of consumer use until the iPhone, and recently, the iPad was introduced by Apple. Soon touch screens will become ubiquitous on many types of devices. At Napa Consultants, International we anticipated this trend and have been designing our clients' web sites to be "touch-friendly" for luxury real estate marketing.

For example, one tap of the photo icon of a neighborhood can produce instant mapped search results for all available high rise condos in that neighborhood  One tap on the map and you can see details of a particular building, plus, those units within the building that are available for sale.  This is the kind of instant gratification that users are now expecting.

Riding the touch screen wave of change can give you an immediate competitive advantage as a luxury real estate marketing professional. Get in touch!

Check out this video to see where the revolutionary touch screen wave of change is heading . You will be amazed!



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