The primary purpose of blogging, as a luxury real estate marketing strategy, is to amass an audience of people with whom you can develop a relationship of trust and a reputation as an expert advisor in a particular niche.  The ultimate goal as a blogger is to provide extraordinary value to a sizable base of raving fans.   But, to accomplish this successfully you must have a distinct slant, an angle, a particular leaning.

Where most luxury real estate marketing professionals run into trouble as bloggers is that they start blogging before they have first discovered or identified their natural talent, their passion, their bent, their preferences, their inclinations, their distinct opinions , their original point of view,  i.e., their authentic unique voice.    Just reporting the facts about their local market conditions or the real estate statistics that are available to every other agent will not accomplish the primary purpose of blogging.

Facts are facts. How you interpret them is what makes you stand out.  Here is an example of some facts that may be of interest to you.

  • According to NAR’s member profile, 60% of Realtors have a web site aged an average of 5 years. 
  • 17% of Realtors regularly use blogs. 

These are accurate facts based on surveys conducted by a trusted source.  Reporting this to luxury real estate marketing professionals is part of our role as a professional journalist.   Getting these facts and conveying them to you accurately is very important. However, this is not original content.  

What do these facts mean to YOU in particular?  That is the question.   Here is our interpretation:

  • If 60% of Realtors have web sites that are virtually obsolete, investing in building a distinctive new website can give you the opportunity to demonstrate your superior marketing savvy and thus, run circles around your competition!
  • If only 17% of Realtors blog, the field is wide open for a luxury real estate marketing professional like you to discover an uncontested market niche and dominate it, right now!
  • There is a fierce competition for attention to build an audience, today.  But, blogging with an  inimitable slant can be your ticket to success.  Whoever builds the most high trust relationships in a sharply focused niche, wins!

Getting accurate facts and interpreting them in a way that answers your target market’s most pressing questions, is what builds trust with your audience.  Insightful interpretation of facts, consistently expressed in your unique voice, can build a sizable audience of raving fans, if you are up to the challenge.


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