Blogger’s Misconception #3“If You Build It, They Will Come”

(From the novel Shoeless Joe and the movie Field of Dreams, in reference to a baseball field that would automatically  attract fans, once built)

You understand the concept of syndicating your listings.  On major brand touts that they syndicate their listings on over 250 websites in addition to displaying them on their own company website.  The idea is to get your listings maximum exposure by displaying them in the countless places where buyers begin their property searches. With links back to the company website (or to your own website) plus your phone number, hopefully, the buyer will find you and contact you.

Here goes misconception #3!  You cannot expect a large audience to find you just by blogging on your own website. You can build it there and nowhere else, but relatively few will come! If vastly expanding your sphere of influence is your goal in blogging, you need to syndicate YOU!

A very important blogging principle is to become a syndicated columnist and a guest blogger on other websites. Your column should appear in as many places as possible to reach the largest audience.  You need to syndicate your blog like you syndicate your listings.

There are blog directories where you can register your blog and be found.  But, the best way to amass a large audience is to set up “outposts”, where you can post the same articles that appear on your primary website or blog site, with links back to your site. You need to be seen where your target audience is most likely to show up.  And, you need to make it easy for them to find you there.

We hope this clears up some of the misconceptions and white noise about blogging.  Create original content; passion is the key. Syndicate your content like you syndicate your listings and you will expand your sphere of influence exponentially.


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