2010 is the year of the tiger. According to the Chinese horoscope, drama, intensity, far reaching changes, and massive technological advances are in store for all of us. Seizing opportunities and maximizing your personal, individual talents is advised. We believe that 2010 heralds an era when personal branding and micro-niche marketing for luxury real estate marketing professionals is no longer an option.  It is an imperative!  2010 is the year to unleash the tiger within you and embrace the unabashed pursuit of market leadership.

The internet has empowered consumers with self-service capabilities which enable them to ferret out most of the real estate information they need.  Who will fill in the gaps and effectively interpret that information-you or your competition?  When they are ready to reach for purchasing help or are ready to interview a listing agent, who will be the first to come to mind? That is the question!

Most time-starved and attention deficient consumers can only hold one, two or three brands in their minds in any given category of product or service.  The unabashed pursuit of market leadership means seizing the #1 position in the consumers mind. Coke outsells #2, Pepsi 2:1.  #3, RC Cola, is barely on the radar screen and all others colas are settling for the crumbs. 

The internet has also empowered professionals like you to potentially become “one-man or one-woman brands”, local celebrities, TV stars, radio talk show hosts and journalists.  Those luxury real estate agents who are willing to get over their fear of technology and make the time to get up to speed with this stupendous opportunity will be the big winners in 2010 and beyond.

Each micro-niche, within your marketplace, represents an opportunity to become a leading expert, the personal brand of choice and the market leader.  It could be a specific golf community or a single high-rise luxury condo.  The idea is to find an uncontested market niche that you can “own” and dominate, and serve better than anyone else. But, the key is to be passionate about whatever niche you choose, one that allows you to maximize your individual talents.

Think like a tiger this year! Be unabashed about your pursuit of market leadership in 2010.

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