Chanterelle Mushrooms

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, can you state who you are and how you are distinct from your closest competition is a few quick phrases?  If you cannot do this, how do you expect your referrals sources to be able to tell their friends about you and what makes your personal brand different? A good way to learn this personal branding skill is by discovering what makes certain things in nature distinct.  Here is an example.

With recent heavy rains, here in Santa Barbara, California, wild mushroom season is upon us. Suddenly, the beautiful, chanterelle mushrooms, golden in color and worth their weight in gold, appear in the farmer’s market. The trumpet shaped chanterelles are often referred to as the “champagne of mushrooms” or “the queen of the forest”.  In the state of Oregon, they have been deemed the state mushroom due to their symbiotic relationship with Douglas fir trees that are so plentiful in the forests of Oregon.  

Connoisseurs consider wild mushrooms to be the true luxuries of the culinary scene.  While they have little nutritive value they have the power of enhancing the flavor and texture of certain dishes like no other food. Chanterelles, with their unmistakable aroma of apricots and delicate woodsy flavor that holds its own when combined with other food, are prized above all mushrooms by many of the world’s great chefs.

Alexandra discovered a fabulous pizza recipe with chanterelles, pancetta, radicchio and leek.  This is now a staple at our home during wild mushroom season.

Chanterelles are easily identified and can quickly be distinguished from potentially dangerous mushrooms with very little instruction or experience. Unlike many other mushrooms, once a colony of chanterelles is established, it re-emerges in the same location year after year, even when harvested. 

Summary of the unique characteristics of the chanterelle “brand” of mushrooms:

  • Golden color
  • Trumpet shape
  • Aroma of Apricot
  • Woodsy flavor that holds its own when combined with other food
  • Perennial

 What are your most distinguishing characteristics as a luxury real estate marketing professional?

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