To be a true standout in your marketplace, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, think like a trail blazing iconoclast. The dictionary defines an iconoclast as somebody who challenges or overturns traditional beliefs, customs and values. To get into the iconoclastic mindset, check out the TV series, Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel. Robert Redford, executive producer of the series, explains: “Iconoclasts explores the intersection where two great talents meet, and where creativity comes alive.” (The series is no longer produced, it can be found on the Sundance Channel in reruns.)

Each segment pairs two iconoclastic individuals who are great examples of a one man or a one woman brand, yet dissimilar in their life’s work. It then explores their views and their ideals. Each individual has blazed a path and has explored the leading edge in their personal inimitable fashion and passion. They have expressed their authentic selves. Each has strayed from the comfort of the normal and the average. They have each fearlessly opened doors that were considered taboo. They have stayed true to their own ideals regardless of the consequences.

One of the earlier episodes paired Norman Lear and Howard Schultz. Norman Lear is best known for his 1971 production of All in the Family, a comedic sitcom exploring bigotry and race, which according to the experts was doomed to fail. Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks, and he recounted his efforts to raise money to fund Starbucks and how everyone told him, he would fail because he wanted all of his employees, including the part timers, to get have health insurance and stock ownership in the company.

In our series, we will highlight iconoclasts from all walks of life. It confirms that all is very well with our world as long as there are iconoclasts to blaze new trails. Are you an iconoclast?


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