As a luxury real estate marketing professional, one of the best ways to meet new people, develop more referral sources and expand your sphere of influence is to blog about exciting local happening.s  Think of yourself as a syndicated columnist, a journalist who covers a particular “beat” and reports on local events from a unique vantage point, with a distinct “voice”.

Social networking can put you in touch with like minded people from all corners of the globe.  But, there still is something special about meeting new people right in your home town with whom you can share common interests. If you are a lifelong learner blogging also gives you an opportunity to learn new things. 

A friend of ours in San Francisco introduced us to her hobby of bird watching in the Bay Area. She invited us to Hawk Hill, which is positioned on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It arguably has the best view of San Francisco and the bridge from that vantage point.  We had expressed interest in birding while we were living in the Napa Valley wine country, as there were so many fascinating birds that hovered over our home there.

Hawk Hill is perhaps the best place to observe the raptor migration in the Western U.S.   You do not have to be an ornithologist to be a bird watcher.  Raptors in particular are extraordinary birds to watch.  They are at the top of the food chain and their health is an indicator of the condition of the entire chain.

What was most interesting to us was just how light weight they are.  To calm them down when they are captured for observation and tagged, they are placed in a tube made out of two connected tin cans.

Birding is just one way to meet new people, locally.  But, once you discover a new hobby or interest like birding, you can now count on the fact that there are plenty of birding groups on social networking sites where you can post your blog.

Follow your interests and you will meet many new friends.  Blog about things local and you will expand your sphere of influence exponentially.




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