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In Part 1 of Virtual Virtuosos we featured Jim Walberg’s virtual company, Caribbean Islands Realty.  Clear across the globe another virtual company is breaking new ground and changing the face of luxury real estate marketing as we have come to know it.

At the Luxury Real Estate Awards (Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate)held on September 18th  in Vail, Colorado Marquette Turner Luxury Homes (MTLH) was awarded “Best Luxury Real Estate Brand Integration”, ahead of more than 1700 companies from more than 65 countries around the World.  MTLH is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane that are used only as needed to service clients in face-to-face meetings, vs. over the phone or internet.

Like Jim Walberg, Michael Marquette, Simon Turner and Christine Watson are virtual virtuosos.  The MT team has mastered the fine art of high net worth buyer lead generation.  MarquetteTurner.com is one of the highest trafficked websites in Australia with a significant percentage of traffic coming from the United States. 

By leveraging technology, the wealth of free or close to free net services, plus utilizing office space “on demand” they have deconstructed previous assumptions of high overhead associated with brick and mortar real estate offices.  And, they have achieved profit margins that would be the envy of most traditional real estate companies.

This dynamic trio has developed a lead generation strategy that exemplifies the power of blogging and content distribution over social media. Their system is far superior to any large luxury real estate firm that we have seen, so far.  Because they are nimble, in terms of their operating methodology, Marquette Turner is the company to watch on the leading edge of the luxury real estate industry.

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