Dedication to excellence has almost become cliché.  Many companies and professionals tout these words, but few set standards of excellence that far exceed the expectation of their target market. Luxury real estate marketing professionals can gain currency with their clients by becoming familiar with some of the best luxury brands of the world and studying their anecdotal stories that truly exemplify excellence.   One such company is Loro Piana, a purveyor of the finest wool and cashmere. Here is one of their stories.

The majority of sheep herders breed white sheep.  Black sheep occur as a result of recessive gene combinations. They were not traditionally used for wool because their wool could not be dyed in the rainbow of colors demanded by the wool industry.  This led to the idiomatic expression used to brand someone as a “black sheep” of the family, or one who is in disfavor with a group.

Now, Loro Piana has given the black sheep a place of honor. They have even trade marked the Italian words for black sheep-- Pecora Neri®.  Black sheep are considered a treasure by this company and their loyal customers. 

Loro Piana’s commitment to excellent quality is legendary.  They have established satellite offices in the far reaches of Mongolia in remote mountain villages where paved roads do not exist. They monitor the natural fibers grown for them: the cashmere goats, the vicuna, and the llama. This insures that only the finest selection is imported to Italy.  

Today, the black merino sheep is intentionally bred by some sheepherders in New Zealand.  They produce lustrous wools that range in colors from brown to black, and create interesting natural patterns when woven into fabric. The beauty of the wool produced by these sheep caught the imagination of the Loro Piana family who are now their exclusive buyers. The result is evidenced in the rich dark fabrics that comprise the family’s distinct fashion collection.   They call their collection “The Excellences”.

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