Perhaps the greatest luxury of all is the luxury of time. So, take time out for just a moment and give yourself a break. Take a moment to reflect with us and appreciate the abundance of opportunity we all have, right now, as luxury real estate marketing professionals. Take the time to restore your equilibrium and regain a balanced perspective, by appreciating and savoring what is great about the world in which we live, today.

Recently, we noticed a family of three blue jays in our back yard that seemed to be following us as we strolled in the yard. So, we decided to give them some of our cat’s crunchy food. They were most appreciative.

After several days, we began to gain their trust and “friendship”. Now, they look for us wherever we are in the house and implore us to meet them on the deck where we regularly feed them at the same time of the day. They come right up to the window and squawk until we notice them and grant them their request. But, sometimes they just hang out with us. The connection we feel with these creatures almost makes us feel like we are in a Disney animation movie.

Communing with nature is a way to transcend time. Sharing experiences like these over the phone or at lunch with friends or family feels wonderful. But, instantly sharing this experience electronically with thousands of new friends and business connections we have made all over the world via social media just about staggers our imagination.

The medium of our blog and the awesome venue of our Language of Luxury Groups on social media allow us to enjoy more relationships than we have made in our entire life prior to this amazing time of super-connectivity.

Isn’t this true abundance and luxury?

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