Luxury Real Estate Marketing Professionals know the importance of disclosure when it comes to representing and selling a property. There are laws that ensure the protection of all parties and the adherence to these is the price of admission, when it comes to longevity in the real estate business. In luxury real estate marketing, it is important to maintain the spirit of transparency regardless of the circumstances that present themselves.

Yesterday, we were in Seattle for the day. Our return was delayed, first for an hour, then another half hour, and finally another 15 minutes. When the plane finally reached the gate, the pilot came up to the check in counter, and explained his day and what had happened that caused the delay. His explanation was believable. He told us of a colleague getting ill on the plane and personally escorting her to her hotel room at his first stop. Then, there was a mechanical glitch that had to be attended to, as well as finding a new co-pilot for the aircraft who arrived in the nick of time, and finally the Seattle tower had them circling the city prior to letting them land.

He did not blame anyone, gave us the facts and assured us that he and the crew would be doing their best to make up the lost time. His sincerity brought applause from the 200 plus waiting passengers, and one of the passengers behind us, said, “He needs a hug!”

In an instant he soothed the crowd with his sincerity. So when things do not go your way, it is so much easier to tell the truth than to make up a story. We all have days when circumstances escalate beyond our control. After all it is much easier to remember the truth, than a well fabricated story. It also speaks volumes about your integrity, and it will be remembered by your clients when they refer you. Incidentally, our flight was on Virgin America. We were impressed, wanted to promote Virgin America,, and delighted at the transparency that the company encourages.,

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