Last week we received this comment/question on our blog: Could you please give more tips to deal with this current Market? Here is a very important tip: If you are not using Linked In sign up for an account and start answering questions that can demonstrate your abilities. This is a great way to make connections. The more connections you have, the greater your sphere of influence, the more opportunities you get to help others and also to get referral business. In challenging markets MAKE MORE CONTACTS! In any market, make more contacts!

Just last night Alexandra accidentally held down a couple of keys on the computer and the screen display rotated so that the top was on the left side. We both were clueless about how to fix it and could not readily find the answer on Window’s Help. We needed to write and publish our Tuesday blog post (this one).

So we decided to put Twitter and Linked In to the test by posting an SOS on both sites. Literally, within a few minutes, we had three email responses from Linked In. As of this writing, no one responded on Twitter.

The first Linked In response was from Kim a Dutch citizen who moved to Sydney Australia. Kim’s answer was right on and we were able to rotate the screen immediately with precise advice. The second answer was from Canada, the third from the US. Needless to say we were delighted with this outpouring of help from our global community. We made three new friends and were eager to offer our help as needed in return.

It so happens, Kim is interested in conflict resolution which is an area of expertise of our partner John. We recommended that they connect as well and we sent Kim to John’s website that features his latest book, Who Wins Conflict?--The Creative Alternative to Fight or Flight?

P.S. Kim is now following us on Twitter and vice versa!

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