Photo by Jurgen Schoner

"Luxury is making an impression, without making a scene"-Yaffa Assouline.

A handwritten note to a prospective client expresses you care in a nanosecond.  One of our clients welcomes his out of town buyers with a handwritten note placed in their hotel room along with a small box of chocolates from a local purveyor.  Would you want to buy a home from anyone else?  The initial conversation may have started by email, and he may have sent a text message alerting his client regarding a new listing. 

In the not so distant past, people made beautiful boxes to keep love letters. A love letter is a treasure, a keepsake, a touchstone of a cherished moment!  Would you profess you love in a text message or via email?  Would the recipient file it in a folder on their hard drive under documents/love letters? 

People purchased beautiful stationary to send thank you notes, and invitations to events.  They sent birthday cards and anniversary cards.  They bought special commemorative stamps to match the stationary and the event.  Some still do. So, the US Post Office sells customized stamps.  Another client sent invites to her opening party at her new office with her picture on the stamp.  Would you want anyone else to market your home?

Balance high tech with low tech marketing.  You will be surprised and delighted at the results.

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