One of the most wonderful promises of the blog, as a communication tool, is that it empowers you to report on local events, customs and perspectives and share them with the world. Localism, a term that is often used to describe this capability, is a powerful strategy for luxury real estate marketing professionals. It can help you to stay in touch with prospective clients who plan on relocating to your area or purchase a second home in your marketplace.  

Reporting on local happenings is also great way to of reminding locals (including prospective home sellers and referral sources) about what they love the most about where they live.  You can help them to fall n love with their home town all over again and fall in “like” with you in the process.

In our home town of Carpinteria, next door to Montecito in the Santa Barbara area, there are acres of agricultural land.  Carpinteria is one of the avocado capitals of the world.  It is also the home of some of the best and most successful wholesale growers of orchids in the United States. Most of the orchids that you buy in Trader Joes and major supermarket chains are grown right here.

This year Westerlay Orchids decorated a lovely Christmas tree with orchid ornaments that is displayed in their showroom which is open to the public.  Each orchid is placed in a tube with water to maintain its freshness over the holidays.   The variety of colors is magnificent and the lights in the trees make the orchids glow. 

Now, this is something you do not typically see elsewhere around the world. It is truly local. And, it is a joy to share with you, our friends from all corners of the globe.

Happy Holidays!

Ron & Alexandra Seigel

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