We are often asked by luxury real estate marketing professionals for some low cost, off-line vs. online, marketing strategies that produce high impact marketing results, especially client loyalty. We like to encourage our readers and our clients to think about what makes them loyal customers and clients of other professionals.  Here are some ideas along those lines.

Recently we visited our local produce market.  They often carry items that we cannot find in the outdoor Farmer’s Market. There was a sign posted at the entrance encouraging customers to bring their own bags.  They launched a new initiative to contribute a nickel to one of four local charities when you save them the cost of a paper or plastic bag. When you check out they give you a ticket to place in one of the four boxes associated with the charity of your choice.

Many times you see a box at the checkout stand for a particular charity where you can deposit your coins or dollars. But, it is usually a national charity, not a local community charity such as the Girl’s Club, the local food bank, etc.  There is something so wonderful about being able to simultaneously contribute to the environment (recycling bags) and also to a local cause here.  It makes you feel good about yourself and about the store, thus generating customer loyalty. What was the price of our loyalty? It was five cents!

Later, the same day we purchased a hair care product from a local pharmacy.  There are many choices in our neighborhood to find the same product. In fact there are many branches of the same company in our area.  On this day, when we checked out, the clerk noticed that a coupon was available for the product we purchased and proceeded to cut it out of the paper for us.  It saved us two dollars and made us feel very good about shopping at that particular store again.  What was the price of our loyalty? It was zero—just 30 seconds more of customer care!

What are some of the ways your local stores and services are winning you over as loyal customers? What are some of the ways you can engender client loyalty at zero or next to no cost?

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