Venus 4.jpg

photo by Shawn Lipowski

Venus de Milo in the Louvre,aka Aphrodite de Milo

Considered One of the Finest Examples ofClassic Greek Sculpture

How important is aesthetics in presenting your luxury real estate marketing services?  The answer is: very important. In fact, aesthetics represents an entire branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste.  The aesthetics of visual presentation can be your “silent salesperson” and play a much bigger part than you may realize in the success of your luxury real estate practice.

There is a whole psychology of color alone; certain colors evoke very predictable emotional responses and personal values judgments of sentiment and taste.  That means you can connect with your target market on a deep emotional level by incorporating the right aesthetics in your personal or company brand.  What are the right aesthetics? The right graphic images are those images that represent your authentic brand.

If you neglect this essential component of brand strategy you are missing an extraordinary opportunity and you are vulnerable to potential competition.  We live in a new online world where you have a nano-second to make a strong first impression and engage your website visitors through the emotional connection of aesthetics. 

Think of walking down Madison Avenue in New York or any major retail street in cosmopolitan cities that feature luxury stores.  Window displays must grab the attention of potential customers or they just walk on by.  Now, think of the speed at which a website visitor, with a single click of their mouse, can move on to your competitor’s site.

So much attention has been paid to driving traffic to your website. You may be spending considerable time and money to get potential buyers and seller there.  But, are you engaging them with the power of aesthetics when they arrive?

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