To blog or not to blog? That is a very important question if you are a luxury real estate marketing professional and you are serious about surpassing your closest competitor. A blog can be a significant lead generation tool, which is the biggest reason so many agents are jumping on the band wagon and launching their own blogs.

Here are the pros and cons about blogging in a nutshell:

The Pros:

1) Competently executed, blogging can help you create the perception, in the minds of your target market, that you are the leading authority in your field;

2) Blogging can significantly improve your search engine ranking, and;

3) Blogging can even help you gain celebrity status.

The Cons:

1) Done incompetently, publishing a blog can be like eating crawfish: a lot of work for very little meat;

2) If you do not like to write or do not have anything interesting, helpful or newsworthy to say about your marketplace (even with the assistance of a ghost writer) do not bother to blog, and;

3) You can bore potential readers and waste your valuable time that could be put to much better use.

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