Luxury real estate marketing professionals understand the importance of an outstanding kitchen in marketing luxury homes. You would be the first to advise your sellers to remodel or upgrade a kitchen in order to get maximum value for a home. Here is the latest in kitchen innovation design, which you can suggest to a prospective buyer/seller/developer for an ultra luxurious bachelor pad. It is created for those who are in love with the minimal geometric style.

Porsche designers teamed up with Poggenpohl, the avant garde German luxury kitchen designer, to create a kitchen for men, the P7340. In this $75,000 kitchen for men, they have thought of everything: cabinets that open with a light push with an electronic sensor activating a motorized system that pulls the doors shut, essential appliances-convection, microwave, steam ovens, glass-top stove, automatic coffee and espresso machines, and a state of the art TV, LCD-based multimedia center. For added convenience the video display can be integrated into the back splash area. Since all this engineering is cutting edge, Poggenpohl will send out an engineer to make sure every aspect of the kitchen is installed perfectly. Click here for further information .    

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