Social currency is fun and interesting facts that can be exchanged with others to break the ice, add value to a conversation, engender conviviality, and also build rapport. Luxury real estate marketing professionals should seek out social currency as an ongoing professional development practice. Knowing about some of the best luxury Champagne brands is a must! Here is a luxury Champagne brand with a great story that is worth knowing about and sharing with others, as currency. We call social currency in the social realm "luxetera, etc.".

Most Champagne is bottled in a green bottle with a bell shaped bottom. The bell shaped bottom has a purpose: to withstand the pressure created by the sparkling wine.

Originally, Louis Roederer’s Champagne was bottled in green bottles. His wine was a favorite at the court of Russia. In the reign of Alexander II of Russia, the political situation was becoming unstable, as the populace wanted reforms, which to his credit the tsar instituted albeit in an autocratic manner. Having thwarted several assassination attempts, he asked Louis Roederer to create a clear bottle with a flat bottom so that a bomb could not be hidden in the bottle or in the bell part. Taking care of his best customer, Louis Roederer asked a Flemish glass maker to form a flat bottle to resist the pressure. The solution was to use clear lead crystal instead of ordinary glass. These bottles were only available to the Tsar.

Cristal was made available to the public in 1945. Since then, it has stood out from other Champagnes by its distinctive gold label and colorless bottle wrapped in cellophane. Some experts feel it was the first to have a prestige cuvée (the first pressing of the grapes) . The rosé Cristal is also highly revered. Answering the need of the customer created, for Louis Roederer, a brand differentiator. On the Champagne shelves, his bottles stand out as distinct from the all rest.