As a luxury real estate marketing professional your brand is the lifeline of your business; it is the land on which you build your house, and it is the look of your house. Your brand is also the foundation, the well spring of your marketing plan. It stays constant throughout your plan. Consistency is the hallmark of good branding. I.M Pei, the famous Chinese born architect exemplifies consistency in style. So should you!

When I.M. Pei, also known as the last master of modernism architecture, proposed an inverted glass pyramid as an iconic symbol for the Louvre in Paris, he was adding a modernist touch to a national heritage. The construction for the Louvre began in medieval times and was subsequently added to in the Renaissance period. The lesson here is that modernism can co-exist with  traditional style. Pei did not have to alter his brand identity or conform in order to gain acceptance.

Pei’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (pictured above) borders Lake Erie in Ohio. It is a demonstration of his distinctive style and his brand. Working with abstract forms using stone, concrete, glass and steel is his trademark. What is yours?

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