The Ritz Carlton chain of hotels has found a novel way to contribute to the communities where their hotels are located. On designated days, guests and hotel staff contribute a half a day to a local community experience in a humanitarian or environmental project. Unique to each destination “the program is designed to make a lasting contribution and enduring impression” . All profits are donated to the participating organization.

For the guests, it is a wonderful opportunity to join the locals and enhance their experience of the cities they are traveling to. What a wonderful way to meet people and create new friendships! This is actual social networking without computers. This is playing a part in the global village, and the best way to spread culture and good will.

The venues are varied and interesting. You can plant trees in Beijing, preserve monuments and memorials in Washington D.C., or participate in music therapy for children in Istanbul.Here are two examples from the hotel's web site.

You will be briefed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, naturalist, on the plight of the 25-pound “blue dragons” and collect fresh food necessary for preparing them for release into the wild. A breath away from extinction, the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana relies on a breeding program to maintain its claim as the island’s largest native land animal. You will partake in a critical project to ensure their survival, preparing them for release into the wild. Later at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, you will feed iguanas from babies to breeding pairs and serve as a spotter in the park to map the location of roaming blues using binoculars and GPS tracking.

Help give a voice to children struggling with autism and other communications disabilities as a volunteer at the R.I.A. Centre in Bahrain. Their miraculous holistic approach gives these extraordinary youngsters the tools to interact with the world around them, bringing newfound hope to them and their families. You will be taken on a tour of the facilities, and then join the teachers and children for skill-building activities including planting trees in the garden, baking cookies and cakes, and beach activities. This will be an enriching experience you will always remember.

Ritz Carlton is a luxury brand actively involved in their community in a grand way, and giving its guests the opportunity to do the same. As a luxury real estate marketing expert, come up with something that can get your community and your sphere of clients involved. It feels wonderful.

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