In the realm of luxury real estate marketing it is essential that you study the best-of-class luxury brands of the world. In the category of avant garde Swiss chocolate Alice Chocolates takes the cake.

The founders of Alice Chocolates set out to create the quintessential Swiss chocolate experience. Inspired by the great Swiss watchmakers such as Patek Phillipe, they created a brand of chocolate completely produced and packaged in Switzerland which, at one time, was renowned for their chocolate.

They diligently tasted their way through all the fine chocolate makers. They found a premium cacao bean growing wild in the shaded forests of Bolivia, accessible only by boat. The pods are shipped to Switzerland, processed and ground to the exact specifications set by both founding partners. Every aspect of the product is made in Switzerland including the package and the chocolate molds. Every manufacturer had to meet their exacting standards. The chocolate is even released from the molds by hand, and the bars are manually wrapped.

Now, here is the best part. The chocolate is wonderful. Each bar is a perfect portion with a cup of espresso, or by itself. There are five bars per box, so pace yourself. It is “The Definitive Swiss Chocolate Experience.” For more information, check out .

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