Focus is Genius

Swimmer Michael PhelpsIn the competitive arena of luxury real estate, it is easy to get distracted by the competition. Getting lost in all kinds of compare and contrast dialogue and other forms of self flagellation is a knee jerk reaction. While you are spending time ogling the competition, the finish line gets further and further away.

Here are three keys to creating and maintaining a successful luxury real estate marketing practice:

FIRST KEY: Know your strength and keep focused on the goal ahead, your market and your neighborhood.

SECOND KEY: Never, never, bad mouth the competition, or taunt them (trash talk) in public. An example from the Olympics illustrates the first two keys.

Unwavering focus on the goal, touching the wall first in the 400meter relay race, netted first place for the US swim team. That hundredth of a second was the difference between a gold medal and a silver medal. The underwater camera revealed that the French swimmer, who had the lead, took a look at his opponent and got distracted. In that moment, he lost his edge, tightened up and got to the wall later. The other factor that led to his demise was the fact that the French team leader publicly vowed to “smash” the Americans in that event.

THIRD KEY: In the luxury real estate marketing arena it is especially important to congratulate the opposition for their accomplishments. Superstar Michael Phelps and one of the relay racers immediately shook the hands of the French team and congratulated them on their silver medal. The lesson here is to treat your competition as a friend and a respected member of your profession.

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