If you are or aspire to become a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important to have a clear definition of what luxury really is. The word luxury has become ubiquitous with marketing anything expensive. What makes something truly luxurious? Does it have to be expensive, rare, or just have a name brand? Is there such a thing as free luxury?

Luxury used to connote a product or service with a history of tradition, impeccable quality, and a pleasurable buying experience. It was associated with the highest standards of materials and production and only the most skillful artisans were allowed to work on these items. When those items were sold, the potential customers were treated to an experience of shopping that matched the quality of the item sold.

Men picked out fabrics for their handmade suits as they sipped the finest coffees or liquors provided by the establishments. They made appointments for fittings assuring a perfect fit. Shopping was theater. If the suit was damaged in any way, you could bring it back to have a whole rewoven, a seam repaired, or a button replaced, at no additional cost.

Women were treated to a fashion show while sipping champagne and munching finger sandwiches or sipping teas. They were invited to a large dressing room to try the clothing on with a seamstress at hand to modify the article if necessary.

What is your definition of luxury?

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