Tea fields in Maylasia

For a long time, tea, the most widely consumed beverage in the world, has been the stepchild to coffee in the United States. As tea consumption increased in America, coffee stores have included tea in their offerings. Upscale restaurants usually hand you an elaborate wooden chest of different teas so that you can make your choice. Deem sum restaurants hand out tea menus of loose leaf teas to complement the tasty treats.

All teas are related to the tea plant. Technically herbal teas are infusions or herbs and fruit.

In the Hong Kong metro stops, commuters get their get up and go on their way to work, from tea kiosks. Attendants in white lab coats serve the antidote to caffeine induced energy by offering brewed teas for whatever may ail you. These Chinese healing teas have specific names such as: 1) Radiant Skin Tea to improve your complexion; 2) Lateral Thinking Booster Tea, and; 3) Pinkish Glow Tea, which tones and enhances the circulation of “Qi” (energy flow) and blood, as well as promising a rosy complexion. There is also a tea for positive thinking. How can anyone resist?

Here is an important piece of currency if you are working with a Russian client. In Russia tea is brewed and served from a samovar in tea glasses.

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