Several times a day, I look at luxury real estate professionals websites. I am amazed at how many agents use the identical template. Today, I saw two agents in a luxury market with the exact same website. The only difference was their pictures, their names and their featured listing. Furthermore, they are working in the same geographic farm. What are they saying to the prospective seller or buyer? Will they market my luxury property in a template fashion? Will it get lost with every other listing?

Here is an example from the world of luxury goods. LVMH (Louis Vuitton, Moet-Hennessey) is a French company that owns over 60 prestigious companies and brands. In the world of champagne, they own the following brands: Veuve-Cliquot, Domanine Chandon, Krug, Ruinart, Dom Perignon, Domaine Chandon Australia, California, and Spain. Each champagne has its own branded look, its own distinctive web site and its own identity. Most shoppers have no idea that LVMH owns them. Since peoples tastes vary they buy the champagne that appeals to them, and part of the appeal is that certain intangible emotional connection. LVMH also owns several cosmetic companies ranging from Yves St Laurent to Benefit. Again, they all maintain their identity and their look.

Take a lesson from the world of luxury goods and services! Get a branded look, don’t blend in! Blend out! Demonstrate your marketing savvy by marketing yourself with panache. Don’t blend in. Stand out! Blend out!

By Alexandra Seigel

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