Sunset on Carpinteria beach

Luxury real estate marketing professionals can learn about differentiation by observing how cities bring attention to themselves. This supports local business and tourism and can benefit local charities.  It is also a potential opportunity to make your brand known by sponsoring an event which is congruent with your style.  Here is an example.

Carpinteria, our home town, is a small California central coast city in Santa Barbara County.  It is known for its avocado ranches, orchid nurseries, organic produce, flower growing fields and polo fields.  It was named by the Spanish as “carpentry shop” because the Chumash Indian tribe made canoes on the beach and used the naturally occurring surface tar to seal their boats.

Carpinteria hosts an annual Avocado Festival on the first weekend in October.  It attracts a worldwide audience of avocado growers and lovers because Santa Barbara County is the third largest producer of avocados in North America.  The three day event features live music, food, recipes and contests.   It usually draws over 100,000 people.  This event is sponsored by local businesses who are promoting themselves as well as a good cause.

What is in going on in your town, city, or neighborhood that you can support? How about starting something new?

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