Luxury Real Estate in The Wall Street Journal

In Print and Online, The Wall Street Journal is the ideal platform to showcase exceptional, luxury properties to an affluent audience who place a high value on attaining and investing in the perfect home. Whether you're looking to sell that stunning oceanfront properly, sprawling country estate or city residence, The Journal delivers the right audience who have the means and motivation to acquire them. Forge the buyer seller relationship within The Wall Street Journal and reach over 3.5 million readers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Multimedia Advertising Opportunities


Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in The Wall Street Journal, the Residential Real Estate special section is the ideal environment to highlight your property to over 1.7 million print subscribers.


  • Showcase your featured property on where the latest news and information on the real estate market as well as insight on design, architecture and construction make an ideal environment for banner ad placements
  • Luxury Agent Directory. Advertise your feature property to prospective buyers within the luxury agent directory. 30 day listings start at $250/month
  • Become a Featured Agent. Be the first agent prospective buyers will see when they search our agent directory.


Where style meets influence. WSJ. The Magazine brings to life the worlds of art, fashion, design, travel, philanthropy and the home. Showcase your property in our new classified advertising pages - 1/8 page four color placements are available within a highly visible section.

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