By Ron & Alexandra Seigel, Partners--Napa Consultants, International

Is Your Service Remarkable?

Your most highly valued asset in your luxury real estate marketing practice is your database of contacts, particularly those who would go out of their way to refer business to you because you have earned their trust and respect. It stands to reason that understanding and consistently implementing the best practices for building a high volume of high-trust relationships will not only yield a high volume of referrals, it will also open up the opportunity to sell your practice in the future at a premium.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to inspire people to spontaneously go out of their way to refer business to you? What sparks the urge to originate word-of-mouth advertising on your behalf? People are still lining up to get their iPhones. Why? The answer is creating extraordinary value far beyond the fundamentals that are expected of you. Your service must be REMARKABLE to trigger word-of-mouth advertising.

This morning we felt the urge to tell a friend about a spectacular online computer backup system that is extremely easy to use called Sugar Sync. What makes Sugar Sync so great is that it has web and mobile access, file sharing and sync built right in. Best of all it prices start at only $2.49 per month (we pay $4.95 per month for extra storage).

When you create a document on your laptop, for example, and save the document it instantly becomes accessible on a partner's desktop computer and vice versa. Five versions of edits are kept too so you can always go back to a previous version. When you travel all of your documents, photos, music and contacts are accessible online through any web browser. And, any changes you make on your remote computer is automatically synced with your office computers.

What prompted us to go out of our way to tell our friend about this was an email from Sugar Sync announcing a new feature. Now, you can access all of our data from an iPhone and send it to others via email from the phone! That's remarkable! This feature alone did not cause us to spread the word about Sugar Sync. But, the iPhone feature was the tipping point that prompted the urge to tell others, like you!

Is your service REMARKABLE?