By Ron & Alexandra Seigel, Partners--Napa Consultants, International

How to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Advertising is a form of communication. In the realm of luxury real estate marketing, it needs to be an art form as well. An ad, like a fine home with curb appeal, must offer a great first impression. The majority of luxury real estate magazine ads look the same. Here is what you can do to make your ad stand out:

1. Grab the attention of your readers. You almost need to startle them with the extraordinary. Check out ads for luxury brands outside of real estate. For example, in an ad for Chanel you simply see an ornate display window of their Paris store. The awning has the Chanel name and logo, but you cannot see inside the window. Instead, you see a reflection of the Place Vendome, the site of the Chanel headquarters building across the way. The Place Vendome is home to famous hotels such as the Ritz and the Bristol as well as famous jewelers, and other clothing designers. The message communicated brilliantly in this ad is that you not just Chanel No. 5 perfume or haute couture. You are buying Paris!

2. Study high end magazines that cover fashion, autos and sea craft. Each brand looks different in color, layout and presentation. Their appearance is intriguing. It invites the reader to participate by asking questions which can be answered by visiting the store or the web site.

3. Look for the unique selling proposition of the home and feature it. People love a mystery, the process of discovering something special. Most fine homes have some exceptional features. It is the unexpected that sells them. Do not spoil the surprise by editorializing about it. Just give them a hint. Evoke the participation of the reader with a call to action. That is what makes your phone ring or your email box full. Do not miss out on the opportunity to make a new friend by answering the query. Better yet, show them the home and let them form a bond with it.