After reading several analyses of the commercials including the Wall Street Journal’s CMO today, we decided to ask the locals for their opinions.  The locals agreed with the experts. They found that to many of the ads were serious, depressing and grim, and the response in social media barometers: like Twitter and Facebook was down 57% versus last year. This is not what people getting together for beers, booze, food and fun are expecting to view on their Sunday off.

The grimmest one was Nationwide’s insurance ad called “Make Safe Happen”. This commercial showed young children revisiting their goals and aspirations that they will never fulfill because they died as a result of a home accident. 

In the same depressing tone was the saga of a devoted father’s experiences with his daughter from childhood to adulthood, and in the final scene he takes her to the airport teary-eyed as she is bound for military service.  The ad was for Chevrolet.  We did not understand, what the Chevrolet had to do with the commercial. 

On a lighter note, BMW premiered its Hybrid car with a conversation featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel stumped by the Internet and now stumped by the hybrid car!  Sadly, in our opinion, it wasn’t credible that these two news icons would not be aware of or comprehend progress given that Prius and several other hybrids have been out for years!

And once again, Clydesdales and a lost puppy win the #1 spot in Best Buds!  It is no surprise that this happened, it was light heartwarming add.  Budweiser understands that on days off and party time, we want laughter and happy endings! Save the depression, and grim stories for another day, this was a party day!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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