Making the right color choice is one of the most important aspects of communicating your brand’s message.  Typically a combination of three colors, (occasionally 4) reflects the brand identity and communicates its emotion, symbolism and mood.  These 3 colors have to be carefully selected both in term of hues and contrast.  The focus should be on giving the right signal for the individual or the company and the marketplace.

In home markets, where the living is easy and relaxed, black (although associated with power, luxury and elegance) sends a wrong signal.  Black is formal, think black tie events!  If you are in a bustling city market, black can be one of the colors. 

People who buy in these markets are interested in a casual, relaxed, life style.  We used different hues of blues for one of our clients in the Santa Barbara Riviera.  Royal blue associated with luxury is dominant on his page.  Lighter blue in the same family as the royal blue and white are used to create a contrast.  The blue reflects the Pacific Ocean, which can be seen from the Riviera homes he specializes in, and it happens to be his favorite color.

Another client in Santa Barbara who works in a different marketplace has bougainvillea pink, spring green and white as her colors.  Bougainvillea is growing everywhere in Santa Barbara.  It also reflects her personality. Bougainvillea pink communicates youth, energy, and movement.  Both colors are used sparingly on a white contrasting background. This site is going through final adjustments, and we will share it at a later date.

Take the time to dial into your color preferences when crafting your brand.  However, keep in mind who you are communicating to.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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