Luxury Real Estate is a high stakes game. Commissions are substantial!  If you want to be the market leader, the personal or company brand that your target market thinks of first and refers most often, you must be able to clearly and quickly articulate your unique selling proposition.  We live in a time starved world where you are battling for the attention of your target market. For that reason you need an Elevator Statement to accelerate the process of distinguishing yourself or your company in a sea of sameness.

Can you state how you are different and better than your competition in under 30 seconds? Your Elevator Statement is a succinct and persuasive summary of your extraordinary promise of value, your unique selling proposition.  You should be able to answer each of the following questions in about 20-30 seconds (the time frame of a short elevator ride):  What do you do? - How do you do it?  -  How are you different?   

Words like "integrity", "local market knowledge", "great negotiation skills" are not differentiators.  They are the price of admission in the realm of high stakes luxury real estate marketing.

As luxury real estate's leading brand strategists we can help you get to the listing table more often and win listings more frequently.  Distilling your extraordinary promise of value into a Elevator Statement is an essential component of your success formula.

Watch the video above to see and hear how we do it.