People vote with their dollars. Many “undecided voters” buy products based on the label when they do not have a recommendation from a trusted friend or other source. Great packaging or branding is also important in the service industry. It is definitely a key factor for local service professionals who want to seize the lion’s share of business especially in affluent communities.

The craft beer industry is growing at a double-digit rate annually.  The Brewers Association, comprised of small and independent craft brewers, has stated: “they now have a 12 percent market share of the beer industry.  Retail dollar value was estimated at 22.3 billion.” 

Competition is fierce. What we have been noticing is how many craft brewers are attempting to stand out with simple yet memorable branding.  One example of a memorable brand name is Swami’s IPA Beer. 

Swami’s IPA beer is made by Pizza Port in Carlsbad, CA. This is the home of Swami’s Beach.  It is a lovely beach where the Self Realization Center has its temple, and also where surfers and beach lovers enjoy the Pacific Ocean.  

Among the experts who rate beer Swami’s IPA rates 97. It has become a best seller for the company who started brewing this beer in 1987.

Pay close attention to the quality of your packaging. That is, if you want to win the “undecided vote”.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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