Recently we were viewing a site that had an introductory video to the community it was serving.  We were surprised to see a few shots of large plump table grapes for an area that grows wine grapes.  There is a distinct difference in appearance between the two grapes. In luxury it is these details that make the difference. 

While strolling on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, we noticed this eye-catching window by Dior from across the street.  On closer inspection, we had no idea what they were trying to communicate.  The purses on the mannequins are all the same; the difference is in the color and in the direction of the stripes on the flap.  What were they selling?

A few doors down is Rimowa luggage.  Their window tells the story of what they are selling. On top of the luggage they are featuring their matching covers for mobile devices.  Even the exterior of the building has the same grooves.  The theme of their brand is represented throughout the store, and also on their website..

Excellent visual communication is one of those important selling points in marketing luxury real estate.  This is why we insist on Architectural Digest level of photography for all listings and community photos.

Is Your Visual Communication Eye-Catching, Immaterial Or Both?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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