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This is a follow up to our last post,Is Your Phone Sharing Secrets About YOU?  How do you stop the madness of sensors that track your whereabouts as a shopper, or as a luxury real estate marketing professional, as you move around town?  The answer is simple: just flip the switch! 

Go to your settings and turn off Wi-Fi when you are not deliberately using it.  This will stop them from tracking you, your current location and your movements. 

We went one step further in our investigation of this important topic.  We checked with the managers of Nordstrom’s in two locations that offer Wi-Fi as a convenience to shoppers. They both confirmed that they do not also use tracking sensors within the stores, or otherwise.  We also spoke with the managers in two Apple Stores who do have in-store sensors, but theirs do not work with Wi-Fi. 

Apple has developed a new in-store sensor tracking technology called iBeacon and they are testing it in 254 of their stores. These sensors are short-range low-energy Bluetooth transmitters that can detect a device's location more precisely than GPS to determine when to push a notification, offer or other communication to your phone.  But, you have to have the Apple Store App for it to work.  It differs from the Wi-Fi sensors because it is just short range. 

IBeacon is strictly an Opt-In arrangement. But, keep in mind that Apple has your account information and your credit card on file if you purchase something through your app.  

It is the correlation of your personal information with the general data collected that is most disconcerting here with these types of tracking systems. We trust Apple more than just about any brand and do not believe they will sell the data to third parties.  But, this technology will be licensed to many other major companies and local merchants.  Beware of the privacy policies of those who gather and correlate your personal information with the data collected by either Wi-Fi sensors or Blue Tooth. 

Here is our recommendation:  Practice Safe Phone! Ask yourself if the bargains or other communications are worth sacrificing your privacy. When in doubt, just flip the switch, on or off, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth or both.  The choice is yours.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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